Sick of people not running to schedule? The boys running around at the wedding to make it all happen the way you wanted but they clearly aren't enjoying themselves? Someone forgetting things at home? Leave that all to us and consider our wedding coordination package.

Have you already got a wedding planned and wanting someone to manage the event?

Our Coordination Package may be the best thing for you!

Wedding planning can be stressful, especially when it comes closer to the time of the wedding and you need to make sure all the suppliers are to schedule. With our coordination package we can deal with all that stress, so you don’t have to. We will take responsibility of all that and you can enjoy your wedding, the way it’s supposed to be! Our wedding coordination package includes the following:

1. Coordination Checklists – These are extensive 10-12-page checklists which we ask clients to have filled out 6 weeks prior to the wedding event. This is so that we can know the logistics of anything which is booked so we can run the day as you wish. This is also an opportunity to think about other things which you may not have considered booking. We can help book these extras for you too! Before the 6-week mark, we will organise a meeting with the client to ensure we have all the aspects filled in and finalise the plans for the day

2. Bespoke Itineraries – The itineraries are built around the checklists and the meeting to ensure that everything is done within a timely manner. We look to have this finalised within 5 weeks of the wedding event, enough time to send it out to all suppliers and the client to know how the day will run. We will communicate with the suppliers and ensure that they agree with the plan too and that they are able to meet the time schedules.

3. Events Manager – We will be there from the early morning of the event to ensure everything will be in accordance to the schedule, from ensuring suppliers arrive on time, to coordinating the wedding during the day and to finally clear up the hall before the time is up. We will ensure that everything runs smoothly in a timely manner without minimal disruption for the family and friends.

The coordination package is good for those who have already got some aspects of the wedding booked as we can conduct research and make further bookings on your behalf. Why not get in contact with us today and see what we can offer you!